Jeff // Wedding // ★★★★★

Anya is quite possibly one of the most professional, nicest, and skilled photographers I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Anya is an artist. There is no other way to describe the type of stunning work she does. People often say that a great photographer has an "eye" for their craft. If that is the qualification for a great photographer, then Anya is by far the best photographer that I have ever seen. Her attention to detail and respect for her craft make her stand out from the vast majority of wedding photographers. She puts thought, time, and energy into every shot. She does not take pictures for the sake of taking pictures, but she takes pictures with a very defined purpose behind it. Every shot is important to her and it shows in the finished product that she produces. She not only shoots with emotion and energy, but she loves her craft and it shows in her final product. If you decide to hire Anya as your photographer, it will be one of the very few things that you will never regret in this life.

Kelsey // Grad + Couple Photos // ★★★★★

I love Anya! She is so full of life and a joy to be around. Anya and I met her freshman year of college (I was her RA!) and we kept in touch over the years. I used Anya's services for a combo graduation/couples photo shoot in May 2015. Anya was the first one to come to mind when I was researching photographers. She was very responsive to tailoring the shoot to exactly what I was looking for. I needed some shots for a grad announcement and I wanted some nice pictures of my boyfriend (Austin) and I. Anya picked up on our vibe right from the beginning and rolled with it. She made Austin and I feel very comfortable and at ease the whole time. That day in San Luis Obispo was very windy and we used it to our advantage! My favorite shot from the day is one with my long hair all crazy in the wind. The image that I love of Austin and I happened to be a candid moment that truly shows our love. I am so happy Anya was able to capture it. The ease of planning the day and time was a breeze and I am so happy Anya took our pictures! 


I fully intend to use Anya in the future for all my photography needs! I will definitely be looking her up for my wedding photography in a few years.

Lauren // Wedding // ★★★★★

Anya was amazing! Better than I could have ever hoped for! We had more than a few problems on our wedding day, but our photography was not one of them. Anya was amazing with rearranging and thinking on her feet when we had to change locations. Not only was she on top of things on the wedding day, she was on point when it came to editing. I've had friends who were told 6 weeks turn around and didn't get their photos for another 2 weeks after that, so getting ours back so quickly was amazing. And we we got them, they were some of the most gorgeous photos I've ever seen. They were artistic, and candid, and made me feel like a super model! I felt like I was 13 going on 30 when Jenna asked Matt to redo Sparkle. Matt's photos were amazing and so are Anya's! 

Julia // Grad Photos // 


Anya shot my graduation photos and she was a blast! The whole experience was fun, relaxed, and easy. She really makes an effort to connect with her clients and we ended up giggling the entire time. The photos came out beautiful, too! She has a great eye and really knows how to bring out the best in her subjects.

Private // Grad Photos // 


Anya took my senior portrait graduation photos and she is the most amazing person to work with!! I thought it would be a little awkward to have my photos taken of just me, but she made me feel super comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Between laughing and scouting out the perfect locations, it was like having a fun and casual photoshoot with a good friend. And the biggest plus was that I received such professional results! Her eye for creative compositions is spot on. Anya is quick and thorough with her delivery. Love her!!

Private // Grad Photos // ★★★★★

She did two shoots for me: individual and a group shoot with me and my 4 roommates. Not only is she an incredibly sweet person, but a great photographer as well! She has an excellent eye for lighting and camera angles. While she offered instruction on poses and locations, she was also very open to client input. I love having Anya's photographs to document that important milestone in my life. Most of the pictures are fun, but I have also been able to use the individual pictures for professional purposes as well. It was wonderful to work with a photographer who was so kind, and made having my picture taken so fun and comfortable (because, let's face it... sometimes taking individual pictures can be just plain awkward!). Both group and individual shots turned out great!

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