"I always longed to connect with people – they make life interesting and exciting. Capturing true character and inspiring beauty is very special to me."

Hey! I am Anya, a documentary lifestyle photographer based in Northern California. I am originally from the beautiful city of Oakland, spent 7 years in San Luis Obispo, and have now moved and found an immense love for Sacramento, CA. I am a recent kidney transplant recipient, thanks to a lifelong friend's unimaginable gift of organ donation. I consider myself an advocate of sorts for those in a similar position, and I strive to spread the joy in the value of life. 

 Due to my keen craving to capture pure, simple, human aesthetic and interaction, portraiture has always been my niche. There is something really special about showing real life through a lens, freezing a perfect, or even a not-so perfect moment in time, and specifically through my personal perspective. You can find me hanging with my dog (who might actually be a pig), catching up with close friends over a good cup of coffee or meal, making up a new recipe in the kitchen, but most of the time, behind a camera trying to best document your story.

Email me any inquiries or if you would just like to chat! Photography, to me, is all about relationships – so, I am here to make some.

photos by Greg Gearhart and Eden Jones

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