Stefanie // ★★★★★

A few months ago, my partner and I started looking for a photographer for our wedding and were surprised to find how underwhelmed we were in our initial search. Then, we came across Anya’s website and instantly I knew I would be entirely doomed if she was unavailable on our wedding day because no other photographer I’d come across had even compared. Anya has the ability to take beautiful photographs that you’d love to display in and around your personal spaces, but her work is so much more than just photography. Anya uses her artistry to capture moments you’d forget ever took place in the chaotic day that is your wedding, and then creates a story that you can relive after the celebration has long since passed. She captures moments of laughter between sisters, secrets shared in the corner with friends, smiles during a recollection of a memory shared with your brother in childhood, and an excited dash you take over to greet friends you’ve not seen since their move across the country. Anya’s presence as she finds these opportunities to capture the moments that mean the most to you is one that provides a sense of warmth and an appreciation of the life you're sharing with the people you love. Anya uses a lens of empathy and personal understanding of you to frame your carefully crafted curation of photographs to ensure that they’re exactly what you would want to see every time you pass by a picture frame on your mantle or hanging in your hallway. She is an incredibly gifted photographer and after our awesome experience together, our absolute favorite. We have already connected to do a family documentary shoot with Anya and are so excited to have another opportunity to add to our beautiful collection of photographs taken and perfected by Anya! We recommend Anya a million times over.

Jeff // ★★★★★

Anya is quite possibly one of the most professional, nicest, and skilled photographers I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Anya is an artist. There is no other way to describe the type of stunning work she does. People often say that a great photographer has an "eye" for their craft. If that is the qualification for a great photographer, then Anya is by far the best photographer that I have ever seen. Her attention to detail and respect for her craft make her stand out from the vast majority of photographers. She puts thought, time, and energy into every shot. She does not take pictures for the sake of taking pictures, but she takes pictures with a very defined purpose behind it. Every shot is important to her and it shows in the finished product that she produces. She not only shoots with emotion and energy, but she loves her craft and it shows in her final product. If you decide to hire Anya as your photographer, it will be one of the very few things that you will never regret in this life.

Rebecca // ★★★★★

Anya is effortless and extremely talented. As someone who is a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera and staged photos, Anya made everything easy and natural. She really made our special day perfect and many guests told me how much they loved her after the wedding. The day went amazingly and the body of images that were delivered were so beautiful. I made an album and had a hard time not including them all. They were mostly candid (which is exactly what I asked for) and SO beautiful. Would recommend her 100x over.

Sarah R. // ★★★★★

Let me help you check one vendor off your list right now— look no further and go book Anya immediately. You can thank us later!

Anya’s work is incredible, simple as that. She does an amazing job of capturing all of the most important, sentimental and naturally funny moments of a wedding without being overly posed or cookie-cutter. Despite shooting solo, which admittedly was something we were initially concerned about, she truly does not miss a moment.

After getting 15 stunning previews the night of our wedding we could not wait to see them all. When we got our wedding album back we were absolutely thrilled with how the photos turned out! Not only were the photos beautiful, but the turnaround time was quick and accessing them was painless. Even our technologically challenged parents could easily download them.

In addition to the incredible final products you’ll get, Anya is fantastic day-of. She is prompt and professional of course, but also so easy-going and fun to work with. Her calm, down-for-anything personality made us feel so comfortable day-of. And trust me, calm and organized is what you need on such a busy and sometimes stressful day! Her raw talent really shows during the spontaneous moments; some of the best wedding photos we have came from her spontaneous idea to get some quick photos in front of a moving train.

If you want a timeless wedding album full of beautiful, natural, documentary style photos that you and your spouse will treasure for a lifetime, that is exactly what you’ll get with Anya. 

Eryn // ★★★★★

Anya was so great. She was responsive, professional, and easy to work with. My husband and I hate to be photographed but she made it so comfortable for us and for our families. Her turnaround for getting us the photos back was really quick. Everyone loved how our photos turned out. We would hire her again for any life event and our families will to.

Julia M. // ★★★★★

My (now) husband went to college with Anya and when we first started thinking about what we wanted for our big day, she was first on our list for photographers to reach out. Neither of us are great in front of a camera and Anya made us feel so comfortable and really blended into the moment and background and captured so many fantastic moments. It was a very casual wedding in the woods and the photos turned out beautifully. I think what she captured so well was how we wanted the wedding to feel casual and comfortable and for everyone to have fun. I regret not having done engagement photos with her too. Hoping this review helps whoever is reading it pull the trigger!

Jock // ★★★★★

We loved working with Anya for our covid courthouse wedding, engagement photos and finally the full wedding event. The photos she took captured all of the events beautifully, and she has a knack for capturing the right moments in the perfect light. My favourite moment of working with Anya was when she first arrived for our courthouse wedding and we had only met online at that point; she noticed that there was a special moment going on between my wife and her grandmother where they were exchanging jewelry, and she whipped her camera out straight away without saying hello so she wouldn't miss the moment!

Private // ★★★★★

Anya was the perfect photographer match for our family. The photos turned out even better than I could have imagined. Anya was so incredibly easy and flexible to work with. She had so much patience with our active two year old son. She'll definitely be our go-to person for any photography jobs in the future and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get stunning and authentic pictures taken.

Ali // ★★★★★

Anya McInroy is an incredibly talented photographer! I absolutely LOVE working with her. She has captured several life moments for us including engagement, wedding and graduation. Anya makes you feel at ease and the way she captures people and the setting is dreamy. Anya's photos make you feel like you're reliving those special times and it brings so much joy. You'll be hard pressed to find someone as kind, artistic and professional. Anya works with all kinds of clients and small businesses - she is so easy to work with and ensures she captures the vision you're looking for.

Bethany // ★★★★★

Anya is such an amazing young woman! She is an incredible photographer and such a joy to work with. She took photos of my family with a squirmy two-year-old and she captured such lovely and fun photos and was so patient to make sure we got all the shots we wanted. She is responsible and quick with follow-up. She is a beautiful, joyful person who really invests in her clients. She truly cares about people and preserving their special life moments. I've followed her career since she was just starting out and her photos speak for themselves - they are always phenomenal!

Gladys // ★★★★★

I found Anya though Instagram. I was searching for family photographers and some of her candid photos caught my eye and decided to contact her for availability. 

First off, she was super friendly and accommodating. I had to reschedule twice - once my baby was sick, the other was a work issue. She was so accommodating and worked with my schedule. I LOVED that. Life happens and it's nice to have someone who understands and works with you. 

The session was perfect! It was casual and stress free. My baby did not take a nap all day and she was all over the place. Anya made her feel so comfortable so quickly. So much that she wanted to look at the photos on the camera every so often and Anya was so sweet to humor her. 

And the outcome - the amazing and beautiful photos! Seriously, Anya is so talented and captured so many beautiful moments. The mommy and me session was more than I could ever imagine and I love that I have those moments to treasure forever. 

I highly recommend Anya! I promise if you work with her, you will be SO glad you did. 

Charlie // ★★★★★


Anya is an incredible photographer, but more importantly, a wonderful person. She captured the magic of our wedding day and she was down for anything -- including a very goofy mini shoot in a cookware gift shop.

She made us feel so comfortable and relaxed -- which is really priceless on your wedding day! She was already very responsive to our email/text messages (which is not always the case with everyone). I would hire Anya again in a heartbeat; she's the whole package. I couldn't ask for anyone better! 

Cindy // ★★★★★

Anya is an amazing professional photographer. She has the ability to capture the essence and emotion in her photos which make them rich and amazing, she has that eye which makes her a phenomenal photographer. I love her style and energy.

Jade // ★★★★★

Anya is such an amazing photographer and person! I found her through a recommendation from a friend and I'm glad that I did. She was so professional, yet super fun and friendly. I had no idea that our wedding photos would be as beautiful as they turned out. We had a very intimate ceremony with 9 people total at a vineyard in San Luis Obispo, and Anya did a wonderful job capturing candid moments and making my husband and I feel comfortable. I loved her style and creativity in addition to her attention to detail. I would recommend her to anyone who's looking for a photographer. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Aimee // ★★★★★

Okay. So quick backstory. My parents are both professional photographers. And they're amazing. I've grown up around great shots and even Assisted in my fair share of shoots. 

Anya is hands down one of the best photographers I know. She shot my now husband and my grad shoot. 

For one, her shots are STUPID good. Sure she has bomb equipment and all, but a pretty camera won't give you a great eye. 

Secondly, her professionalism is second to none. So incredibly responsive, patient, understanding and flexible which we really appreciated. (And very generous too)

Thirdly, she has a way of really just pulling the best out of you and making you feel like a natural in front of the camera. Personally I've always struggled with my body image and she had a way of just making me feel natural, beautiful and super happy. 

So so grateful for her! Side note, she ended up taking a few shots of us at my wedding and I genuinely liked her pics better than the photographer we'd hired. 

Kelsey //  ★★★★★

I love Anya! She is so full of life and a joy to be around. Anya and I met her freshman year of college (I was her RA!) and we kept in touch over the years. I used Anya's services for a combo graduation/couples photo shoot in May 2015. Anya was the first one to come to mind when I was researching photographers. She was very responsive to tailoring the shoot to exactly what I was looking for. I needed some shots for a grad announcement and I wanted some nice pictures of my boyfriend (Austin) and I. Anya picked up on our vibe right from the beginning and rolled with it. She made Austin and I feel very comfortable and at ease the whole time. That day in San Luis Obispo was very windy and we used it to our advantage! My favorite shot from the day is one with my long hair all crazy in the wind. The image that I love of Austin and I happened to be a candid moment that truly shows our love. I am so happy Anya was able to capture it. The ease of planning the day and time was a breeze and I am so happy Anya took our pictures! 


I fully intend to use Anya in the future for all my photography needs! I will definitely be looking her up for my wedding photography in a few years.

Lauren // ★★★★★

Anya was amazing! Better than I could have ever hoped for! We had more than a few problems on our wedding day, but our photography was not one of them. Anya was amazing with rearranging and thinking on her feet when we had to change locations. Not only was she on top of things on the wedding day, she was on point when it came to editing. I've had friends who were told 6 weeks turn around and didn't get their photos for another 2 weeks after that, so getting ours back so quickly was amazing. And we we got them, they were some of the most gorgeous photos I've ever seen. They were artistic, and candid, and made me feel like a super model! I felt like I was 13 going on 30 when Jenna asked Matt to redo Sparkle. Matt's photos were amazing and so are Anya's! 

Anna S. // ★★★★★

A remarkable artist - Anya is a blessing! Having Anya be the photographer at our wedding was an absolute blessing. She exquisitely captured the atmosphere and intricacies of the environment while gracefully adding her unique, artistic vision - creating living, breathing masterpieces in every photo. I highly recommend Anya and am confident in her talent.

Sarah Z. // ★★★★★

Anya was the perfect photographer match for our family. The photos turned out even better than I could have imagined. Anya was so incredibly easy and flexible to work with. She had so much patience with our active two year old son. She'll definitely be our go-to person for any photography jobs in the future and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get stunning and authentic pictures taken.

Claudia B. // ★★★★★

Oh my sweet Anya, what a blessing you have been to our family. Anya has captured very special moments for our family. She photographs my daughter every birthday! She'll be turning 6 this summer. Every year it's a wonderful new idea and a beautiful capture. As well as she captures our family for holiday. I'm in competition with myself to keep making my Christmas tree better and better every year, makes for a beautiful holiday card. Anya is the sweetest girl, with an amazing talent. A talent that with time has exploded. Her pics/posts are so beautiful, I'm constantly amazed. I'm her biggest fan for sure! Anya! We can't thank you enough for all that you do. We are stuck together for ever! And we are so happy about it.

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